I earned this, of course

May 18, 2007 at 1:38 pm (Uncategorized)

Just the other day, I said “at least I have this much:  unless me or a family member gets sick or dies, things actually cannot get any worse”.  Obviously, this was an irresistible challenge to the gods.



  1. Justin JJ said,

    Stop taunting them! You can still get a bright red zit in the middle of your forehead!

  2. cc said,

    Do me a favor – they are calling for thunderstorms and lightning today – stay inside.

  3. Hal Bowman said,

    Hang in there…don’t give in to despair.
    I am sorry to about your dog. It says a good thing about a person to know she loves a lot.

  4. RGT said,

    I was just about to email Insty asking “Where is Jane Galt?”, when I saw he had a link up.

    Re: your post above. Thanks for the reminder to backup…

  5. anony-mouse said,

    Interesting template artwork here. I feel like I’m looking through a Delerium (or maybe a Sixpence) album jacket. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  6. Rand Simberg said,

    I just talked to Kathy. She’s OK (other than the fact that she doesn’t know what’s going on with her host, and can’t get in touch with them). She’ll be getting in touch with you, Megan.

  7. Steve French said,

    And now the text on the site is a proper width!

    And I read both you and Matt.


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