It never rains but it pours

May 18, 2007 at 1:39 pm (Uncategorized)

You may have noticed something about my old site . . . like, it isn’t there.

Where’d it go? Who knows? I know exactly as much as you do, which is that when you type in, you get a page saying”This Account has been suspended. Please contact our billing department as soon as possible.” That appeared last night sometime between 6:04, when I received my last email at the address, and 7:31 when the first friend IM’d me to tell me my site was down.

As far as I know, the billing problem is not on my end. It appears to be affecting Kathy Kinsley, the woman from whom I buy server time, as her Bloghouse site is also down, so I assume one of a few things:

  1. There has been a massive snafu in the accounts department
  2. She, or someone above her in the hosting reselling chain, is having a little bit of a cash flow problem
  3. Something bad happened to Kathy, and I didn’t know it, and now the host has pulled the plug

Obviously, we’re pulling for 1 or 2 to be true.

This presents me with a slight problem. I would love to contact the billing department at eLinuxservers (the folks whose “account suspended” page currently graces the spot where my site used to be), I can’t. They have no observable website. Of course, I am enterprising, and mildly web savvy, so I looked ’em up on WHOIS and called the number that I found there.

Naturally, the phone number now belongs to an insurance agent who has no idea where one might contact eLinuxservers. I’ve emailed them, but frankly, I’m not exactly holding my breath.

This presents me with several small problems. I don’t want to move hosts, but if I don’t hear from Kathy (and Kathy, if you’re reading this, try my gmail address!), I think I kind of have to. Which means I have to find a host. More worrying is the archives; I haven’t backed up . I’m happy . . . well, willing, anyway . . . to pay some fraction of any bill in order to recover my files, but who to?

Any reader suggestions on any of this very much appreciated. Meanwhile, I’ll be blogging here. Apologies for the weird blog name; it was a test, and I can’t figure out how to change it.



  1. Reagan Fan said,

    I said in a comment some time ago that I would always have “A really really really long post…” Well, maybe not so much. 🙂

    Actually, I’m glad that is all it is. I also, am pulling for #1 or #2.

  2. Jeffrey Boulier said,

    OK, something I’m writing is getting trapped by your filters, so I guess I will try some spammy tricks.

    Anyway, the company you mention seems to be controlled by bluewho, and then a dot, and then a com.

  3. Jeffrey Boulier said,

    For example, see the website aitch-tee-tee-pee-ess


  4. Jeffrey Boulier said,

    Worst comes to worst, the internet archive should have copies of just about everything.

    But my primary suggestion (aside from contacting the bluewho guys that own elinuxservers) would be for some hot chocolate with marshmallows.

  5. Ben Brumfield said,

    Please keep us updated on this. My own and a friend’s are in the same boat. In particular, I’m worried about the archives.

  6. Kathy K said,

    I’m fine – the site isn’t. And it’s the whole bunch.

    It is paid up, so I am not sure what’s going on – and the place hosting the server hasn’t responded yet to my several pleas and questions.

    Sorry about this. I really shouldn’t be hosting at all anymore – especially where I am… their service has been going downhill for a while. And I’ve now got full-time work so I don’t have the time to go move everyone and such. (Nor to deal with this sort of nonsense.)

    If we got closed out for DoS or something and they won’t put it up again, I WILL demand backups so you’ll have your old stuff.

  7. Angie Schultz said,

    Hope you get it straightened out soon. I like the new background, though.

  8. Kathy K said,

    Ok – it’s not Dos, and I’ve sent them screenshots of their billing software that says it’s paid, plus the approval # and so forth their software gave me. So hopefully it will get straightened soon. (Assuming they didn’t go back to sleep.)

  9. Kathy K said,

    By the way, I would urge everyone to backup their site weekly. Just in case something ever DOES happen to me.

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